Top World Wide Locations for Emerald

Find out about the locations where Emeralds are mined! From the gem rich mines of Columbia to the expanding deposits of Zambia, we will tell you where emerald is found!

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Emerald has been popular in jewelry for centuries

Beautiful Emerald Jewelry is still the preferred present for May birthdays. Always a favorite, the word is synonymous with this gemstones' bright green coloration, and is entrenched in popular culture. Dorthy may have had Ruby Slippers, but she was travelling to the Brilliant Emerald City. Find out more about this captivating gemstone...

Emerald Basics 101

Emerald forms in a very unique environment. It is uncommon that beryllium and chromium occur together naturally in great quantity which is the reason why emerald is one of the rarest varieties of beryl.

Properties of Emerald

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May and has been considered the traditional gemstone for Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. - Find out more!
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Welcome to What is Emerald. Find out about this variety of green colored beryl. Emerald Crystals are fascinating, used as gemstones for centuries, sought after by man only for the sheer beauty of a green hexagonal gem crystal. FInd out more about this interesting variety of the mineral Beryl on this website and you can always find emeralds for sale from Throwin Stones on eBay